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Our Services

1. Property & Investment Consultancy

Global Homes offers optimal mortgage consultancy that address the core concern of those in need. We have a team of experts who are proficient and have a tacit understanding of what needs to be done, when it comes to handling the various mortgage related issues. Since we are working closely with banks and developers we can support our clients with expert opinion from the start of transaction .

Being a small-to-medium sized real estate company with the backing of a large holding company we can be more adaptive to the market conditions and client’s needs, whilst at the same time benefiting from the influence of a corporation.

How we are different from the banks?

Generally, banks will offer/present their mortgage products to you, which may not be suitable for your requirement, They will urge you to take their product as that particular institution may not have suitable product for you. We, on the other hand provide the most suitable option for your requirement from a variety of options available in market. Most important, a staff will stay with you for a fast and smooth process as an advisor.

Expertise areas

  • Mortgage on new property / Off plan
  • Mortgage on previously owned property
  • Re-Mortgage

2. Property & Investment Consultancy

The time to sell your home or buy a property

As a leading real estate brokerage agency, based in Dubai, Global Homes has a special team to deal with all issues related to property and investment consultancy. We make sure to provide advice that are pivotal for our customers and assures them great ROI.

Without doubt there are better and worse times of the year to be trying to buy or sell a home.

However, real estate agents are always open and you never know when the right property may come on to the market for the right buyer. Most clients start their search online from the comfort of an air conditioned building so it is important for the properties we are advertising to be exposed to the market at all times.

The best advice is to start looking to sell or buy at the time to suit you. You never know what properties are out there or what buyers are booking before testing the market and if you can get ahead of the competition then it may work out in your favor.

For sellers, whenever you do decide to sell it is important to make your property as presentable as possible. Leave the electricity on if possible as lighting and the A/C makes the home a lot more welcoming.

Also get the property cleaned and the garden or balcony attended to before you go to the market. First impressions last and it could be the deciding factor for a buyer. If you can then we suggest you re-paint the property.

For buyers, research the area(s) you are interested in, drive around the communities, speak to a real estate agent & a bank representative or mortgage broker before starting your search in earnest.

Better yet you can come to us and we can take care of all of this for you!!!

Choose a trustworthy agent and a professional agency

The Dubai Land Department has made great strides over the last five years in order to tighten up regulation and provide a more transparent market in which to buy, sell and rent property.

However, some agents and agencies have not taken the new codes of practice on board and still operate outside the rules and regulations. It is important to speak to your agent and preferably meet with him or her before embarking on buying, selling or renting through them. Not all agents are the same!

Talk to us

If you are considering buying or selling a property in Dubai then a meeting with us will set you on the right track. We will give you a clear picture of what steps you need to take in order to move forward and achieve your aims in as short a term as possible. The Dubai property market is a complicated as you make it and with the correct advice and professional approach, good agents can help take the stress out of the process, leaving you to get on with your day-to-day life.

Our customers are always pleased with the level of service they receive. Repeat business is the best form of business for a sales person and we are fortunate enough to have loyal clients who keep coming back to us.

Our extensive range of services means we are able to assist clients in all aspects of property:-

  • Residential sales and leasing
  • Off plan sales
  • Property management
  • Investment consultancy
  • Mortgage advice
  • Real estate developments
  • Marketing
  • Property related legal advice


At Global Homes, we assist our clients wanting a Visa and establish a company in the UAE. We coordinate the entire visa processing service.

All non GCC Nationals who wish to reside in the UAE require a residency visa.

There are mainly two options for receiving a residency visa for business people and their family members in Dubai:


4. UAE Property Investor Visa


The UAE Property investor Visa requires that the property value must be Dh1 million or more. This is based on the purchase price on the title deed rather than the current property value when applying for the visa.

If a property is jointly owned (for example, husband and wife ownership), the shared value must exceed Dh1 million. This Dh1 million is also only applied to one title deed so you cannot consolidate all of your investments in order to try to obtain an investor visa.


The property must be completed as the title deed (in the name of the applicant) is one of the main requirements. The respective visas also only apply to freehold properties.


Only residential properties are permitted for the purposes of the visas. Commercial projects are not allowed. In addition to this, the added requirement is that the property must be “habitable” – in other words, it must be in a good condition and suitable for someone to live in.

UAE Free Zone Residence Visa

The UAE is an increasingly popular destination for clients looking to establish residency by owning a property or a trading company. The UAE is an ideal place for HNWI’s and entrepreneurs to obtain residency, being strategically located at the crossroads of the world with a strong economy, and is openly welcoming people looking to work and invest. It has everything an investor could ask for, including some of the best healthcare and education systems in the world. Dubai, in particular, is a haven for investment and a major offshore financial centre for international trade.

Before you can apply for a UAE residence visa you first need a Free Zone Trade Licence. Once we have established the Free Trade Zone company for you, we will provide a complete visa processing solution that will supply all the prerequisites you need before you can live and work in the UAE.

We have over 10 years of experience in facilitating our clients’ residency goals, and making the necessary arrangements to help gain residency visas for those who wish to make use of the UAE’s zero corporate and zero personal tax benefits.

The UAE Residence Visa Procedure

If you are considering residency in the UAE, we will:

  • Collect you from your accommodation
  • Take you for medical and finger printing
  • Process the Emirates Identity Card
  • Collect your medical results when ready
  • Return passports complete with the visa stamped.
  • Assist in the opening of UAE bank accounts for companies and clients

Once you have been approved for a visa, UAE law dictates that individuals need to reside in Dubai for one day every 180 days to maintain a tax-free residency and to keep your residency visa valid.


5. Sales & Marketing

At Global Homes, we have a dedicated team involved in sales and marketing of real estate projects. We are available round the clock and our primary role is to serve in the interest of our customers.

We invest heavily on digital marketing because we know that more than 75% of buyers start their property search online. We take professional photographs of our listings in order for our properties to stand out from the crowd on the property websites we use.

Our strong marketing team focus solely on sourcing good quality buyers through various sources and by using a range of techniques. This means we attract good quality buyers and tenants more quickly saving our landlords and sellers time and money. We regularly achieve the highest ranking on Google page listings so buyers who are searching for property are directed straight to our sellers’ properties.

For those that prefer to do their property search by car then we have For Sale boards across all of the communities we cover, giving potential buyers the chance to contact us directly to discuss their requirements and their options.

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